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Upcoming Events

Vitak is a co-organizer for a 2023 CHI workshop on privacy education and interventions. See more information here: 

Vitak and Zimmer are co-organizing a blue sky session at ICA 2023 on “Ethical dilemmas in research using digital data: New directions for communication scholars.”

Prior Events

Vitak has been a key organizer in a number of privacy and security workshops since 2012 as part of a group of researchers in the CHI, CSCW, and SOUPS community. These workshops are archived on the Networked Privacy website

[July 2021] We’re running a workshop at CSCW 2021 focused on privacy considerations around smart homes and the internet of things. The workshop is titled, “Designing for Data Awareness: Addressing Privacy and Security Concerns About ‘Smart’ Technologies.” For more information, visit


Recent News

June 2023: Vitak & Zimmer have a paper out in JCMC exploring attitudes toward workplace surveillance.

April  2023: Our qualitative study of power users’ approach to managing their smart home ecosystems was accepted to CSCW 2023 [pdf].

April 2023: Vitak and Zimmer (along with Yaxing Yao & Danny Huang) were awarded a $600k grant from NSF to study privacy mitigations in smart environments.

March 2023: “When research is the context: Cross-platform user expectations for social media data reuse” was published in Big Data & Society.

March 2023: “Power, stress, and uncertainty: Experiences with and attitudes toward workplace surveillance during a pandemic” was published in Surveillance & Society.

March 2023: Vitak & Shilton shared recent PERVADE work on “The Discussion Section” podcast.

Jan 2023: Vitak gave the keynote at a Privacy Day event at Maquette University (“Reimagining Data Collection and Use in the Age of Smart Devices”).

Jan 2023: “When Do Data Collection and Use Become a Matter of Concern? A Cross-Cultural Comparison of U.S. and Dutch Privacy Attitudes” was published in IJoC.

Dec 2022: Vitak gave the closing keynote at the MD Tech Connect conference (“School and Library Programming to Teach Children Basic Privacy and Security Concepts”).