University of Maryland

NSF Large Award on Pervasive Ethics

At the beginning of this month, a team of researchers including myself and Katie Shilton from UMD were awarded a NSF Large grant to look at ethical issues surrounding the increasing amount of data being generated digitally, as well as the increasing number of tools for collecting and analyzing that data.

The full team is:

  • Katie Shilton, UMD (primary investigator/PI)
  • Jessica Vitak, UMD
  • Michael Zimmer, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
  • Matt Bietz, UC-Irvine
  • Casey Fiesler, University of Colorado, Boulder
  • Jake Metcalfe, Data & Society
  • Arvind Narayan, Princeton University

The project’s website, which should be up and running shortly, will be (for Pervasive Data Ethics).