Below are brief descriptions of the four main projects the lab is working on. Click on an image to go a specific project’s page.

In 2016-2017, Vitak partnered with two Baltimore high schools to collect pilot data for a study examining how privacy and disclosure norms evolve during late adolescence. Separately, Vitak, Chetty, Clegg, and Kumar have funding from Google to develop resources to help parents and elementary school-aged children better understand privacy and security concepts.





Mega Subramaniam (UMD) and Vitak were awarded an IMLS grant in fall 2016 to develop resources for librarians and the economically disadvantaged families they serve. They have partnered with four libraries across the state of Maryland to develop and pilot these resources.




Michael Zimmer (UW-Milwaukee) and Vitak were awarded a NSF EAGER in 2016 for a collaborative project with the Netherlands on mobile privacy and surveillance. During the first stage of data collection, they’ve focused on fitness apps (in the US) and mobile messaging (in the Netherlands).




In late summer 2017, Katie Shilton (UMD), Vitak, and five other researchers were awarded an NSF Large grant to study the ethical issues raised from the increasing availability and ease of access of large troves of digital data about people. This builds on prior survey studies by Shilton and Vitak on attitudes and behaviors large large-scale data collection by researchers and IRBs.